Sunday, July 03, 2005


Times' Nisenholz suggests premium-content sharing network?


Posted: 7:32 a.m., June 28, 2005



A service like I-Tunes for news?

An executive at the New York Times thinks online readers
might be ready for a supermarket of low-priced news stories


The senior vice president for digital operations at the New York Times has
a vision for a network of premium-paid content on the Internet. Martin
Nisenholz told a trade conference in New York his company.s Times Select
package of access to Times archives and byline columns should be the first
offering in a venture which would give bloggers a way to make money.

Patterning his idea after's affiliate program, in which web
sites get commissions for helping Amazon sell things, he indicates
bloggers who subscribe and pay for access to Times Select and then link to
its articles, can profit by getting a share of revenue from people who
choose to also subscribe.

Nisenholz says he wants to incite the blogosphere to share revenues. He
said: "We can create a revenue stream for people who are creating
publications and blogs." Nisenholz says he thinks such a network could
include print, audio and video offerings.

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