Saturday, June 25, 2005


LISTEN: June 21 WGBH radio show on Downing Street memo

If you go to this page:

And click on the Listen 24MB MP3 link, you'll find a fascinating one-hour
interview and talk show with Michael Smith, the author of the original
Sunday Times "Downing Street memo" story. He explains his perception of
why that story, and one he did earlier when he was with the London
Telegraph, are so significant. In particular, he cites a Crawford, Tex.,
meeting between Tony Blair and George Bush in which, according to the memo
writer, the two world leaders agreed to pursue a policy of forcing "regime
change" in Iraq -- illegal under international law.

The program is called Radio Open Source, with Christopher Lydon. It just
started up a few weeks ago and you can get the stream on the web at:

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